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Hello extraordinary people,


This is a presentation I used for a lecture I gave at Vanier College in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. I also gave it, in its French version, to Le Réseau des femmes en environnement, a national organization for women working in environment/sustainability-related jobs, and used it to coach the team members of Enviro Éduc-Action, an organization working with the City of Gatineau to create a zero-waste project for its citizens. And I recently decided to give this presentation to the All Access members on the Connections app.


I received excellent feedback from the participants (the well-versed ecologists as well as the beginners), who said I presented everything in a simple, well-structured and, most of all, positive manner. My questionnaire also got a lot of attention, because few people, apparently, thought about the fact that their preferred styles of living/consuming/learning were so directly correlated with their success (or failure) when trying to implement eco-friendly habits.

I was not exactly certain about what you wanted as a “sample curriculum or course outline”, but I hope what follows will help you “know the way [I] think and organize content”.

With love and passion,

Michelle Laurin

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